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Hiki History

Changes in

  • fix DoS vulnerabilities in the process of Wiki style's parser.

Changes in 0.8.8

  • use HikiDoc as Wiki style's parser.
  • support API authentication in amazon plugin.
  • add the spam filter feature.
  • support git repositories.
  • fix miscellaneous bugs.

Changes in 0.8.7

  • fix an arbitrary file delete vulnerabilities.
  • Add Content-Length header field in downloading attached files.
  • Add Vary header field.
  • $SAFE=1 is set in Hikilet.
  • XMLRPC is supported in Hikilet.
  • fix the bug that text in a title is escaped twice.
  • the amazon plugin of tDiary is imported.
  • file scheme URI is converted to a link.
  • use status 500 on error.
  • the postable? method is added in plugins.
  • enable adding a comment and changing properties with a single post in the its.rb plugin.
  • session management without login is supported.
  • nested inline modifier is supported.
  • fix miscellaneous bugs.

Changes in 0.8.6

  • fix DoS vulnerabilities in the process of getting a difference between pages.
  • fix the bug of unlocking without lock.
  • support WILLCOM's mobile agents.
  • fix the bug of breaking the path of the cookie when base_url is specified.
  • The page editing support script now supports Safari.
  • suppress the width/height attributes when the size of an image is unknown.
  • options['attach.cache_url'] is introduced. DO NOT use this unless all attached files are safe.
  • Do not consider WikiName inside of pre elements.

Changes in 0.8.5

  • support multiple addresses to notify
  • support a pure-ruby version control repository.
  • add an 'Issue Tracking System' plugin (misc/plugin/its.rb).
  • add 'Rase Search' plugins (contrib/plugin/rast-register.rb, contrib/plugin/rast-search.rb).
  • fix miscellaneous bugs.

Changes in 0.8.4

  • use the HikiDoc library in the default style.
  • change the charset of XML-RPC interfaces to UTF-8.
  • support whole HTML output in RSS (rss.rb plugin).
  • support setting up attach.cgi in hikifarm.
  • support WEBrick (misc/webrick/).
  • fix miscellaneous bugs.

Changes in 0.8.3

  • fix 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerabilities.
  • fix a bug of possible losing a configuration file.
  • XML-RPC interfaces are now available via hiki.cgi. xmlrpc.cgi is removed.
  • German resources are added.
  • fix a hang up bug of 'hiki-mode.el'.

Changes in 0.8.2

  • fix 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerabilities in some plugins.
  • revise 'hiki-mode.el' to work correctly.
  • fix a bug in a redirection of 'hikifarm'.

Changes in 0.8.1

  • fix 'Cross-Site Request Forgeries' vulnerabilities.
  • set @lang automatically when @lang is not set.
  • fix a bug in saving with XML-RPC.
  • fix miscellaneous bugs.

Changes in 0.8.0

  • support mod_ruby.
  • support TrackBack (trackback.rb plugin).
  • support mobile agents.
  • add 'math' style (style/math/).
  • use ERB for the template engine instead of Amrita.
  • support selection and configuration of plugins via web.
  • store session informations in cookies.
  • support authentication of several users (edit_user.rb plugin).
  • the administrator's name becomes 'admin'.
  • support XML-RPC interfaces (misc/xmlrpc/).
  • much more faster.
  • paper editing
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