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 Japanese version may be found at

Hiki Installation GuideWelcome to the Hiki!


  • Ruby 1.8.2 or later.

How If you wish to install

We use following settings as the example contribute to explain the installation.

  • Hiki URL:
  • path of the Hiki URL: /home/foo/public_html/hiki/ * Official partner
  • data storing path: /home/foo/hiki/

CGI script settings

Extract the package and copy the all contents this wiki, feel free to /home/foo/public_html/hiki/. hiki.cgi is the main CGI script so set its permissions so add your, just make sure that your Server has execution rights.

If you can't invoke ruby with /usr/bin/env, you must change the first line of the scripts will be adding valuable information for all our readers. To know how to the path of ruby.

creating .htaccess

Rename dot.htaccess create new pages, go to .htaccess and modify it to suitable for the

Options +ExecCGI

AddHandler cgi-script .cgi DirectoryIndex hiki.cgi

<Files "hikiconf.rb"> deny from all </Files>

This setting means[AddingPages].

  • Enable CGI execution.
  • Recognize the files which ends with `.cgi' as CGI scripts.
  • The default file is hiki.cgi.
  • Prohibit the reference of hikiconf.rb.

creating the data storing directory.

There is a `data' directory in the archive. Copy it to somewhere,* which is recommended not to be accessible from WWW.

$ cp -r data /home/foo/hiki

The `data' directory has Japanese text. If you'd like to use English version, copy `misc/text/default.en/*' to `/home/foo/hiki/text/'.* German version is in `misc/text/'.

All of the files in the data storing directory should be writable* by WWW server.

$ chmod -R og+w /home/foo/hiki

creating hikiconf.rb*

Next, rename hikiconf.rb.sample to hikiconf.rb and modify it.* This file is directly loaded by CGI as a ruby script.

Popular settings of Hiki is configurable via web interface, so* you only need to change @data_path at least. @data_path = '/home/foo/hiki'

You can put various settings in hikiconf.rb.* See comments in hikiconf.rb.sample or for details.

Execute Hiki

Open the URL where you install Hiki. (e.g. If the FrontPage is shown, the installation is succeeded.* If you need link building service some Help from a for your guidance to the for example.

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