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 Japanese version may be found at

About Hiki

Hiki is a powerful and fast wiki clone written by Ruby. Hiki has following features.

Simple formatting rules based on the original Wiki

See TextFormattingRules for the details.

Customizable appearance by CSS themes

Hiki supports various themes built for tDiary.


You can enhance features of Hiki by plugins.

Mobile conformative

Hiki generates lighter pages if accessed from cellphones or PDAs.

Access controls

You could set access controls such as:

  • "freeze" a page so that nobody but the admin could edit that.
  • grant to edit only for pre-registered editors.


Once you install HikiFarm, a "farm" of Hiki, you could make new Hiki sites one after another, as many as you like.

InterWiki support

Of course Hiki supports InterWiki syntax to make it easier that you could describe hyperlinks to another website or Wiki simply. It has good writing services.


If you'd like to categorize Hiki pages, annotate each page keywords by category.rb or keyword.rb, which are provided plugins by default, and you'll find you could handle pages with


Hiki is a free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. Hiki was originally developed by Hitoshi Takeuchi, and is now developed by Hiki development team.

Hiki includes some files by other authors.

base of a Rubikitch's script posted on ruby-list:30305?. Licensed under Ruby's.
by Hisashi Morita. Licensed under modified BSD.
by Keisuke Minami. Licensed under Ruby's.
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