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How to Use Installed Plugins

  1. Login as Administrator
  2. Choose plugins on "Admin" -> "Plugins"

Standard Installed Plugins

for Editing

edit_users.rb? (misc/plugin/edit_users.rb)
quote_page.rb (misc/plugin/quote_page.rb)

Quotes from other page.

attach.rb (some files are included in the directory "misc/plugin/attach/")

Attaches any files on a page.

entityref.rb? (misc/plugin/entityref.rb)

Allows to use entity references.

highlight.rb? (misc/plugin/highlight.rb)

Emphasizes destinated elements.

frozenmark.rb? (misc/plugin/frozenmark.rb)

Indicates that the page is frozen (locked).

template.rb? (misc/plugin/template.rb)

Adds a feature to import template file on Edit menu.

for Introducing titles of CD, Books and etc.

cd.rb? (misc/plugin/cd.rb)

Creates links to CD/DVD web store according to the CD Standard Identification Number.

isbn.rb? (misc/plugin/isbn.rb)

Creates links to several online book stores according to the ISBN.

amazon.rb? (misc/plugin/amazon.rb)

Shows cover picture of BOOK/CD/DVD. Also supports Amazon Associates.

comment.rb (misc/plugin/comment.rb)

Adds forms to post a short comment.

bbs.rb? (misc/plugin/bbs.rb)

Adds forms like message board.

note.rb? (misc/plugin/note.rb)

Creates note pages independently for, memorandums, etc.

for Notificatoin

diffmail.rb? (misc/plugin/diffmail.rb)

Sends the diff texts to the Email address when Hiki page is edited.

rss.rb? (misc/plugin/rss.rb)

Feeds RSS.

Categorize, Search and Listing

search.rb (misc/plugin/search.rb)

Adds search forms.

recent? (plugin/00default.rb)

Lists recently edited pages.

recent2.rb? (misc/plugin/recent2.rb)

Lists recently edited pages in Rwiki way.

rank.rb? (misc/plugin/rank.rb)

Lists frequently visited

keyword.rb? (misc/plugin/keyword.rb)

Lists pages with keywords categorization.

category.rb? (misc/plugin/category.rb)

Lists pages with categorization.

orphan.rb? (misc/plugin/orphan.rb)

Lists orphaned pages. (No other page links to)

sitemap.rb? (misc/plugin/sitemap.rb)

Generates the Sitemap.

referer.rb? (misc/plugin/referer.rb)

Lists URL from which is refered.

readlirs.rb? (misc/plugin/readlirs.rb)

Reads and displays LIRS files.

rss-show.rb? (misc/plugin/rss-show.rb)

Shows RSS from specificated URL.

toc? (plugin/00default.rb)

Outputs a local table of contents on the head of the page.

toc_here? (plugin/00default.rb)

Outputs a local table of contents to any location on the page.

todo.rb? (misc/plugin/todo.rb)

Handles to-do lists. (hns compatibility)

show_plugins.rb (misc/plugin/show_plugins.rb)

Shows the list of enabled plugins.


append-css.rb? (misc/plugin/append-css.rb)

Allows to appends and edits arbitrary properties of CSS.

history.rb? (misc/plugin/history.rb)

Shows history of the page. Also rollbacks to historical revision and you can edit it.

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