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! Interwiki Extensions

:Reporter:Peter Merel
:Assigned to:?

!! Description

I'm an old-timer from Ward's original wiki ... I actually coined the word the term "InterWiki" ...

I and Dave Voorhis are running up a new SisterSite to Ward's wiki to be dubbed "Journal Of Civilization" or something like that. We've settled on Hiki as the engine and so far it's very pleasing to us.

* There are two features we'd like to see though. The first is a simple syntactic extension to the InterWikiName - permit the addition of a postfix to the link. Hence, say [X|http://www.|.com] would enable [X:foo] to be translated into

* The second is support for SisterSites - an AllPages link is easy to dummy up but using the metawiki indexes that meatball constructs to add a bunch of little glyphs on the page would be really neat.

Thanks for all your excellent work!

!! Changelog
!!!Kazuhiko (2006-08-16 () 15:13:09)
Add a line to the InterWikiName page like this:

Then '$1' will be replaced by a keyword ('foo' in 'X:foo').

Could you explain more details about SisterSites?